With more than 30 years experience working in Architectural practices in Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, Roger Snowball has participated in the design and construction of a wide range of architecture in the retail, commercial, residential and institutional categories. Mr. Snowball has also spent more than 15 years creating and leading the design team at Walmart Canada Corporation.


Director of Design, Walmart Canada Corporation, 2001—2014

Leading a design team responsible for creating and maintaining the prototype store designs and design and construction standards for the Canadian component of the world’s largest retailer. Also responsible for the customized design of all store projects for a program of approximately 35 projects per year including strict control on every detail of the stores. Starting in 2006 lead the Canadian efforts to fulfil the Walmart Stores global sustainability goals for facilities: to create a 30% more energy efficient prototype, reduce energy usage in existing stores by 20% and work toward a long term goal to convert facilities to 100%  renewable energy. The first two goals where achieved and Mr. Snowball won an award  from ASHRAE for the design of the Burlington (Fairview) store. In 2011-2012 Mr. Snowball lead the conversion of 39 Zellers stores to Walmart in addition to the regular 35 projects per year by creating an outsourced team of design and construction managers. All of the 39 where converted within 18 months.


McGill University — B.Sc., 1974; B.Arch., 1977


A broad knowledge of all aspects of design and construction of project in all provinces and regions of Canada. Many years working closely with Operations, Real Estate and Finance teams of the Walmart program has given Mr. Snowball a full understanding of corporate client needs, means of measurement, goals and structure.